Our used inventory: High quality doesn't have to be high-priced

Today's vehicles are so well built, they last longer than models in the past. Parts are higher quality and the workmanship has been refined so much that modern transportation can go quite a few miles. The average car can easily endure for 12 years or 200,000 miles and if it's well maintained, it could go 300,000 miles or more. That's one of many reasons we're so proud of our used models at Napleton Ford in Columbus WI.

Some benefits of buying a used car, truck or SUV

When you pay less for a used vehicle, it means you'll also pay less for sales taxes and fees. A lower selling price means you'll spend a reduced amount for insurance premiums every month. Car makers don't change their vehicles drastically from one year to the next so a used vehicle gives you like-new styling and features at a much more affordable price. Take good care of your used car and it will save you money for a long time to come.

Our used models are in great demand and sell quickly, but here are some good examples of the kinds of high-quality vehicles buyers from Deforest and Sun Prairie, WI can find in our used inventory.

Used car example #1: A Ford F-150

Since we're a Ford dealer, you would expect us to be partial to our used Ford F-150 models. But the fact is, the whole world is partial to the Ford F-150. It's been the most popular pickup in America for an unparalleled 45 years in a row and it's also the best-selling vehicle of any kind on this particular planet. A Ford F-150 will give you the best towing capacity of any full-size truck for that model year.

Used car example #2: A Ford Explorer

A Ford Explorer is a big mid-size vehicle that can seat as many as seven. Go with the optional captain's chairs in the second row and you'll still have room for a family of six. One of the reasons the Ford Explorer is second only to the legendary Ford F-150 in terms of total Ford sales is because it provides so much room for your family. That goes a long way on an extended road trip and it's not uncommon to find an Explorer with the luxury of leather upholstery.

Used car example #3: A Ford Escape

The Ford Escape is another popular Ford SUV and it provides a very welcoming space for a family of five. We often have Ford Escape models that are priced well below the J.D. Power retail number. On board you might find an efficient turbo-four-cylinder engine along with alloy wheels outside and a rear view camera inside. Best of all in today's high-priced world, a used Ford Escape can get you as much as 34 MPG on highways around Beaver Dam and Marshall WI.

Used car example #4: A Chevy Equinox

The Chevy Equinox is a worthy competitor to the Ford Escape and it's definitely worth taking a good look at if you see one on our used vehicle lot. A recent model Chevy Equinox is often available here for a price that's less than the J.D. Power retail figure. While it doesn't have the same gas mileage as a Ford Escape, the Equinox can give you up to 30 MPG on the highway. Check out all our used models and arrange a test drive soon at Napleton Ford in Columbus WI.